Andy Ruth


Feb. 25, 1968


Earth Matters Irrigation/Landscape and Golden Fleece Billiards

Years competing:



2008 NWPA Rating- 7th. 11 year member of NWPA and ACW. 5 year BCA Member. Featured in King 5 News store of Women Pool Players of the Northwest.

Cue: Roger Pettit
Case: InStroke
Table: Brunswick Century
Pool room(s)

Golden Fleece Billiards

Last book read:

The Stroke Zone

Favorite movie:

There are many....Pay It Forward, Julie Roberts movies

What's playing on your iPod?


How did you start playing pool?

I started playing pool as a litte girl watching my great grandfather play in the local ice cream parlor in Gretna, Nebraska. I grew up playing with my Uncle and cousins in the local taverns in Pender, NE. In high school, my mother owned a tavern in Omaha, NE. where I would play for fun after school. I moved onto local leagues, APA, BCA, and then NWPA.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Find a great coach. Set up shots and know the results of your shots. Practice mental exercises.

Favorite pro:

Jeanette Lee. My favorite male pool player is my husband and coach, John Doherty (JD), road and Northwest player.