Eve Stockstill


May 29, 1978



Years competing:

7, playing 22 years


BCA Womens open 8 ball champion 2008. 2nd place at BCA Nationals team event.

Cue: Pechauer with z shaft
Case: InStroke
Table: Pat Sheehan table with tight pockets
Pool room(s)

Touches in NW Portland

Last book read:

The Corrections

Favorite movie:

Donnie Darko

What's playing on your iPod?

Hip hop, rap, indie stuff, sports radio.... (eclectic, I'm a gemini)

How did you start playing pool?

My dad is a 3 cushion player and we would go down to the cue ball at least once a week. Then I would skip school later to go and play there. High school was too easy...

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Stay down on your shot. Dont get discouraged if you are unable to do something yet, the reason there are people still playing in there 70s is there is ALWAYS something to learn. Learn from your wins and losses.

Favorite pro:

Anna K., Yu Ram Cha, Kelly Fisher,Ga Young Kim, and soon Liz Cole :)