Kim Hole


March 22, 1967



Years competing:



2006 BCA women masters in Vegas
Competed with the WPBA in the events
Placed in the top 10 with the NWPA and ACW for 10 + years

Cue: Meucci, for my break stick and shooting stick
Case: InStroke
Table: 9' Gandy
Pool room(s):

I think I've played at them all, although I tend to play at home the most

Last book read:


Favorite movie:


What's playing on your iPod?

Country music, or go way back to the 70's and 80's music with old rock and roll,and on the flip side, DISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did you start playing pool?

My mom got me into it years ago, competitivley, although my first trophy was in 1978, 3rd place bumper pool.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Never say die.
Keep your head down, your stroke straight, and most of all stay focused.

Favorite pro:

Karen Corr