Mary Hopkin





Years competing:



I've played in numerous WPBA tour events since 1994 and have won several regional tour events through the years.
I was the 1997 Montana State 8-Ball Champion and my women's masters 8-ball team, the NPL Chix, has won the Western BCA Regional 8-Ball Championships three years consecutively, and in 2009 earned the BCA Nationals Title.

Cue: I shoot with a custom cue by Bernie Mikkelson of Canada. My break cue is a "D" Series McDermott and my jump cue is a Frog.
Case: Talisman
Table: Antique Brunswick 9 foot table - circa 1920.
Pool room(s):

Main playing room - my garage. Favorite Northwest rooms ? the Golden Fleece in Kenmore and The Parlor in Bellevue.

Last book read:

The Power of One

Favorite movie:


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How did you start playing pool?

I used to sneak into a local bar in Montana after working each night at a cafe. I was still in high school. The first time I went, I started playing pool by myself. A man, who would later become a mentor, told me I had a good stroke, but needed to change my bridge and he showed me how to make a closed bridge. I won my first woman's tournament, and $60, six weeks later in the same bar. I've been hooked ever since. On a side note - I have a sister ? a few years older than me ? who started playing long before I did and is a very talented player. Both of us picked up the game naturally and it wasn't until we were well into our 20s that a family skeleton was revealed by my grandfather. Apparently my great-grandfather was an avid player and gambler in Colorado, spending most of his time in poolrooms near mining towns.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Don't ever forget why you started playing - it's a fun game. When it stops being fun, consider why - then go back and make it fun again. Otherwise the game will torture you.

Favorite pro: