Suwanna Kroll


Feb. 7, 1975


Golden Fleece Billiards

Years competing:



2009 - 1st place - Women's Open BCA - Little Creek
2009 - 1st place - Port Angeles Ironman

Cue: Predator Break Cue - BK2
Case: whatever carries my cues
Table: Golden Fleece, 9ft Diamonds
Pool room(s)

Golden Fleece Billiards

Last book read:

Can't remember it's been so long

Favorite movie:


What's playing on your iPod?


How did you start playing pool?

At 11, my neighbor had a pool table. In the summers, there was nothing else to do in Chad, Africa. I would go to my neighors and play my blues mix, draw the curtains and hit balls for hours and hours. Was hooked.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Practice, practice, practice. Stay down!!!!!

Favorite pro:

Dan Louie