Tamré Geené-Rogers


Oct. 19


Golden Fleece Billiards and also an Ambassador of Viking Cues

Years competing:



Currently active President for the NWPA - Northwest Women's Pool Association
Top ten in the Greater Seattle Women's Eight Ball League - 10 out of 15 years.
First Women to place MVP in the NW Pool Leagues
BCA Nationals - Open Team - 3rd Place
BCA Nationals - Open Singles - 8th Place
BCA Nationals - Master Singles - 9th - 12th Place (2 times)
Multiple winner of WPBA Qualifiers throughout my career

Cue: Viking Cue - made of Birdseye Maple with 18 pieces of Turquoise with 2 shafts.
Joss Break Cue
Case: Whitten - 8 shaft, 3 butts
Table: Connelly - Pro 8
Pool room(s)

You can find me practicing (sometimes) at the Golden Fleece in Kenmore, Washington

Last book read:

Green by Ted Dekker

Favorite movie:

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Princess Bride
Holy Grail
Lord of the Rings (extended version)
Hobbit (coming out in 2011)I am confident it will hit my top 10.

What's playing on your iPod?

Opera, Classic Rock and Roll, New Wave.
Mostly Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, David Bowie, Boston, The Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp (Even in the quietest moments album). I even have some Rap.

How did you start playing pool?

I started playing at my girlfriends aunts house. There was a pool table upstairs and we would play for hours. There was a "Pool Hall" in Wallingford that I would cut school and go to and watch everyone play. I was a sponge. I truly started competing in leagues when I turned 21, and well, I never looked back. I was obsessed with the challenge of learning this game. Of course, that will never happen in my lifetime, because everytime I play, I learn something new.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Don't give up! If you truly have a passion for the game, keep going. It really does all come together. Ask questions of more seasoned players, we love to give what we know away and watch (absorb). Practice, have confidence in yourself. Remember, Confidence, Consistency and Concentration. We were beginners once too!

Favorite pro:

Vivian Villarreal and Kelly Fisher